Arsonist strikes Somaliland’s diplomatic office in Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA – (thenational-somaliland) — Somaliland’s representative office in Ethiopia sustained minor fire and smoke damage after an arsonist struck it, an official confirmed last Saturday evening (Oct 7).

Somaliland’s representative to Ethiopia, Ali Hussein Ismail Jirdeh provided a short briefing on the incident on his Facebook account hours after it took place.

Rep. Ali Hussein Ismail Jirdeh.

“Somaliland’s representative office in Addis sustained minor damage this evening after it was set on fire. One individual has been arrested so far. Police and firefighters are currently conducting an investigation into the incident,” Jirdeh wrote on his Facebook page.

According to sources within the representative office, the individual who was arrested is said to be a man of ‘Ethiopian’ origin. Further information on the man’s ethnicity wasn’t provided.

So far, it is not clear why the man set the office on fire, and how he was able to get past security.

Tensions between Ethiopia’s Oromo community and Somalilanders have been high since mid-September, after dozens of Somalilanders involved in the khat trade were mistakenly killed by Oromo rebels intent on killing Somalis from Ethiopia’s Somali region.

Late last month, Ethiopia’s Information Minister, Negeri Lencho, who hails from the Oromia regionaccused Somaliland of ‘illegally displacing’ thousands of Oromo people after the incident.

Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Saad Ali Shire, denied the allegations shortly afterwards, stating that the people of Somaliland have always been welcoming of Oromo people.

The people of Somaliland  and Oromo have lived for century peacefully and it has to be noted that the act crime has been fomented by the President of Somali Region , Abdi Eily, who is backed by Mogadishu regime to destabilize the region.

Somaliland has signed a deal with the DP World. This economic deal has triggered a wave of protest from the failed state of Somalia. On top of this,  the international community has predicting that Somaliland ‘s flag will be soon in the United Nations and the country will be recognized.

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