Tiny Djibouti is Meddling in Somaliland Affair

Somaliland government should focus on the well being of Somaliland in Horn of Africa. The Presidents of Djibouti have done  all their efforts to stop  that Somaliland will not shine in the Horn of Africa. In 1988,  the late President Djibouti  Hassan Guled convened a meeting between  the butcher of Somalia, Siyyad Barre and its counterparts  Mengestu  HaileMariam so they  closed the offices of SNM and WSLF and  the  fronts dismantled; however the fine  and gallant sons , SNM,  had routed the ” Faqash” soldiers and liberated  the biggest cities of Somaliland. Today, the current Djibouti President Ismail Omaar Gulleh tried to sabotage Berbera, but  he did not succeed. On the contrary, Somaliland has signed a deal with DP World   and military base with Arab world.  Somaliland is viewed as the best strategic place in Horn of Africa. Currently, Ethiopia is interested to use the port of Berbera. Additionally, the hot war of geopolitical interests of the superpowers America  and Russia, Turkey, Iran  and Saudi Arabia to name a few is a case in points.

The most disgusting behavior of Djibouti government is trying to recruit soldiers from Somaliland to fight with Eritrea while it is doing its best to destroy Somaliland. The million dollars questions is how on earth Somaliland officials are  treated at this low level . To refresh our memory, the late President of Somaliland , Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal had rejected Djibouti’s scheme when the government of Somaliland was recovering from the destruction of Somalia.

Somaliland has to take advantage of the geopolitical interests in Horn of Africa and stopped the tiny Djibouti to meddle in its affairs.

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